Themed Instafeeds, How-To


This is part of a two-part series!

Part 1

The last week the shop has been pretty slow. With that in mind, I have spent a good amount of time cyber spacing through the internet land of instagram. How is it that some insta feeds succeed with 1,000’s of likes while others have a measly 6 likes? According to numerous youtube channels and blogs that I have read that I can link below, the answer to this question lies in a “themed feed”.

  • a themed feed, is a feed that has a particular look and branding. Usually the case is using a particular filter throughout all of the photos, a particular color scheme as well as a particular micro emphasis.
  • An example of a micro emphasis is: fitness, food, fashion, hiking, yellow tea sets etc.

With this in mind, I have pinterested three different pins that have had a good amount of hearts and shares. These three themes use the VSCO Cam app. Theme 1 was titled the Selfie Filter. It was best recomended for a feed that uses a lot of close up photos. This would best be used to a fitness theme with lots of body and head shots.

Theme 1 before and after below


Here is a giant image that I quickly, and not extremely focused, with my Iphone 6.

17021407_10104786462517700_6898757306018741132_n This is after the Selfie Theme was applied

-This was done using the VSCO Cam app

-Go to the HB1 Filter and drag the marker to 12

-Set the exposure to -1 giving it, this hazy look

-Set the saturation to -1 giving it this retro faded look with the colors appearing slightly more dull.

-Set the tint to +2 allowing the colors to be more vibrant in their basic ROYGBIV structure.


  • my thoughts: Although the photo was slightly unfocused I feel like this helped balance out the skin to enhance both the outfit and my eye color. Over all I like it, but it looked very different than the photo used on the Pinterest Pin. The reason was probably a result of poor lighting mixed with a crappy Iphone camera.


This filter was described as the best overall filter to use if you are doing a lifestyle theme. This means, the every day instagrammer, who has photos that range from landscapes to selfies with a few of their dog and maybe an artistic building. See the after below!

17098581_10104786462487760_148687918565214461_n Already I can tell I like this filter better than the last. It really balances out the hue while creating a really great contrast between the foreground and the background. Here is how we got here:

-On VSCO go to the HB2 and draw the marker all the way to +12

-go to exposure and set to +2 ( This brightens and whitens the image)

-go to contrast and set to +1 ( This allows the lines to slightly darken)

-go to Saturation set to +1 (enriches the colors)

-lastly go to tint and set to +3 ( brings out the natural roygbiv tones)

  • My Thoughts: Nice clean look. I would definitely recommend this filter for future photos and to create a nice crisp feed. It would look great with a slight thick white boarder. I recommend using the after effects app to create fun boarders.

THEME 3 Minimalist

Minimalist theme is great for those that want a clean look to their insta feed. Clean simple lines, white backgrounds with hints of color. Think of your feed as an art gallery wall and the photos you choose to take are the art placed upon it.

16938460_10104786462078580_5489835988174084864_n -start off on VSCO app and use the G3 filter with the marker pushed all the way to +12

-contrast +2

-Saturation -1

Temperature -1

Skin tone -3

This is the first theme to also adjust skin tone. Unfortunately the photo I used was out of focus but I believe if I would have used one in focus, the end result would have been even better. The colors and lines are crisp, the contrast between foreground and background helps give dimension and gee golly it made my eyes pop. The experiment is going to be using this theme for all the photos on the insta feed for the next two weeks. Stay tuned on Thrift Junkie Vintage Boutique instagram to catch the difference that the feed has gone through, experimenting with frames around the photos giving them a cleaner feed, experimenting with a the circle frame every third image and now adjusting the theme with a similar filter for every photo.


Part 2 of this article is going to be my thoughts after the two weeks of using a set filter. I also will be experimenting with another bloggers choice of editing using three different apps to achieve her final minimalist look.


Please stay tuned and swing on by the shop to check out some of the cutest vintage around!



Top 8 Gifts Every Woman Wants for Valentines Day

img_0386Finding that perfect gift for your favorite gal is a daunting task. Regardless if it’s your one true love, your favorite gal-entine or your sister who needs a little pick me up, it’s difficult to gauge what the perfect gift would be without breaking the bank. Below is a list of 7 items composed to wow every woman.

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Items #1-4 are listed with price, size and availability!

Item #1


You’re Like Really Pretty framed Funny Phrase $10

You’re Like Really Pretty/ Framed Funny Phrase Art $10

Perfect in a ladies closet next to the mirror, in the bathroom or that perfect spot you know she has in the house for her makeup and accessories. This is made local in Colorado Springs, and is an amazing piece for any room in the house. Think of it next to your keys as you walk out the door, a nice little reminder of your epic-ness



Rare Vintage estate Necklaces $10-$20

Rare Vintage Estate Necklaces $10-$20

You know all of that costume jewelry that boutiques send out that is mass produced? Not these babies! These rare one of a kind necklaces range from the 50’s-80s all heavy duty metal, silver and stones. No plastic crap here. These one of a kind gems are available in a variety of designs. 6 different ones available and once one is gone it is gone. So come in quick to ensure your special gal has the beauty she deserves.



Vintage Inspired Suede pumps originally from Urban Outfitters size 8

1970’s Inspired Suede Salmon Colored Pumps size 8/ Urban Outfitters

These are a perfect match for your Valentines outfit but the perfection doesn’t stop there. These are a great piece to be rocked with lace and boho style spring outfits, paired with some cuffed boyfriend jeans and a white v-neck t-shirt or to that wedding you have coming up in a few months. Only one pair available in shop!



Clutches and Wallets of all shapes and sizes, vintage and name brand

Clutches, Wallets, Purses Galore ranging in price from $10-$30

Amazing rare one of a kind finds. Name brands like Lucky, Kenneth Cole, vintage items made of stamped leather, woven wicker and everything im between. Nothing says I love you like a hand picked item that made you think of your friend.




Hands down best of the not-breaking the bank gift giving ideas!

Dreamcatcher Boho 3 pair of earrings and matching necklace set $12!!!!

You want her to know you care, you really do, but wasn’t it just Christmas like a week ago? Lets just say, the funds have not quite replenished the way you were hoping they would before Valentines day. This set is amazingly cute. It is a great set to mix and match with itself and any girls pre-existing jewelry collection. Also for $12 bucks it can’t really be beat. 3 Available in Shop!



Brooches and Pins $3-$20

The shop is full of a gorgeous collection of beautiful antique brooches as well as funny and cute little pins. Perfect for that 70’s vest, blue jean jacket, backpack or cool trucker hat. Not to mention a brooch is a beautiful way to class up any scarf or jacket for a ladies night out!



Fancy Cute Glassware- available individual or as sets $6

Need some where to put those cotton balls? Or Mascara Wands? Or how about something cute to drink your juice out of in the morning or wine out of in the evening ( or past noon). These glasses are a perfect gift for any gal. They are cute, modern, multi functional and say I care. That and, lets hang out, and have some wine.



Handmade Local C O R A L U N collection Jewelry $10-$30

This is the PERFECT gift for that gal in your life who wants something original, conscious and creative. That gal who marched, who’s facebook is filled with political facts, and who’s hiking shoes need repair. ALL of the C O R A L U N collection is available in Thrift Junkie Vintage Boutique shop. Each pair is rare, only 3 or under made of each design, made locally in Colorado Springs and with healing stones in their rawest form.


Hope this helped pin point some great gifts and come check out Thrift Junkie Vintage Boutique at 522 N Tejon, Colorado Springs, CO


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xoxoxoxo Lauren- Owner, and Operator of Thrift Junkie Vintage Boutique

Huge Lipstick Haul

So what do Katherine Hepburn, Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, Lucille Ball and Marilyn Monroe have in common. Yes if you said they are old Hollywood style and fashion icon’s you are correct. Yes if you know they are all actresses you are winning at life. But the most important factor that held them together like my boyfriends remote on a Redskins football sunday is that they SLAYED some makeup. I mean straight killed it. Cat eye liner with winged tips, look to Ms. Elizabeth Taylor. You want a full luscious pout, although in black and white, you can’t deny Lucille Ball was on top of it. So how do we women of 2017 compete? I have taken these 20+ lipsticks and applied them all to this pout. If you click on the images it will send you to a direct link where you can purchase. These my dear friends and my personal favorites, and things I wouldn’t keep if they were given to me for free. Please comment below if there are any other affordable lipsticks that are killen it. Read on for the complete

Wet and Wild Haul from Left to Right



This color is called  912 C In the Flesh.

The first three lip colors sell for $2.19 each and can be found at this link: ·


913 c Just peachy


969 carrot gold

 I love this color! It is one of my go-to colors for the summer. It has a very bridget bardot feel. That orangey color is just an instant retro feel.


a363 hickory smoked

The first top 3 images were a style of Wet and Wild Lipstick called Megalast Lip Color. This image of a363 is a style of lipcolor called Velvet Matte Lip Color. This sells for $3.29 and can be purchased at this link


164 A Caffeine Fix

This is another style of Wet and Wild Lipstick called Megaslicks lip balm. It sells for $2.93 a pop! This had an amazing texture that especially was pleasing living in a high climate desert of Colorado Springs. The major problem with a lot of lipsticks is that they dry out your lips terribly. This helped add a nice pigmented tint while also moisturizing. The link as to where you can purchase this online is here: · 164a caffeine fix

The last image is a style called megalast 922a cherry on top. The reason I did not take a photo of what this looks like is because it creates a red vinyl on your lips that is very difficult to remove and I was not going to be wrapping these pups up so early in the game.

Next up NYX


NYX is one of my absolute affordable brands. I never knew of the brand until Youtube started teaching me how to be a true makeup loving woman. I grew up in a pretty natural beauty centric household and watch Youtube videos to teach me hot to do just about everything including fixing transmissions, cat eye liner how-to, how to use your straightener as a curling iron and natural remedies for a soar throat. Here is my small but much loved collection on NYX Lip.





NOT PICTURED! The amazing NYX Lip Pallet. I am planning on doing a separate article about how amazing and convenient this pallet is. Take my word for it, it is creamy, pigmented, great to mix like a painters pallet and great for a nude selection.





  • h2
  • Fiji fling

I just have to talk about how much I, shockingly, love these colors. Creamy, pigmented, beautiful and clever named. The only problem is this is your typical very smudgy lipstick full of lipstick teeth and alligator tail chin.

Not pictured anything L A color

It’s a terrible brand




Mauve me lipstick- This is a really beautiful color and pigment. The major flaw I have found in Ulta lipstick is that the consistency is so creamy that it quickly spreads onto other skin, including the beautiful space below your lower lip on your chin that no one tells you about all day, that you only find when you use the restroom and look in the mirror. Wow that was a breath.


Matte lip cream in allusive /terrible

I would not recommend this matte lip cream to anyone. It takes multiple layers to show the pigmentation and each layer displays a new streak. Very inconsistent, very blah. Don’t wait your money.



Between each application of my lips I used these Essential Oil facial cleansing wipes with Aloe and Seaweed. They are efficient and help keep my face makeup free, clean and tingly!

This was a first attempt beauty blog entry. Hopefully it helped you get an idea of what some of the colors you have been eyeing down at Sephora and Ulta  look like on a lip. I am blessed with absolute no pigment in my lips, it looks like a large chin to nose unless I smile. This no to little pigment lip acts at the perfect pallet to test lipsticks on. Please leave any recommended colors to the comments below! Have a great day.