Themed Instafeeds, How-To


This is part of a two-part series!

Part 1

The last week the shop has been pretty slow. With that in mind, I have spent a good amount of time cyber spacing through the internet land of instagram. How is it that some insta feeds succeed with 1,000’s of likes while others have a measly 6 likes? According to numerous youtube channels and blogs that I have read that I can link below, the answer to this question lies in a “themed feed”.

  • a themed feed, is a feed that has a particular look and branding. Usually the case is using a particular filter throughout all of the photos, a particular color scheme as well as a particular micro emphasis.
  • An example of a micro emphasis is: fitness, food, fashion, hiking, yellow tea sets etc.

With this in mind, I have pinterested three different pins that have had a good amount of hearts and shares. These three themes use the VSCO Cam app. Theme 1 was titled the Selfie Filter. It was best recomended for a feed that uses a lot of close up photos. This would best be used to a fitness theme with lots of body and head shots.

Theme 1 before and after below


Here is a giant image that I quickly, and not extremely focused, with my Iphone 6.

17021407_10104786462517700_6898757306018741132_n This is after the Selfie Theme was applied

-This was done using the VSCO Cam app

-Go to the HB1 Filter and drag the marker to 12

-Set the exposure to -1 giving it, this hazy look

-Set the saturation to -1 giving it this retro faded look with the colors appearing slightly more dull.

-Set the tint to +2 allowing the colors to be more vibrant in their basic ROYGBIV structure.


  • my thoughts: Although the photo was slightly unfocused I feel like this helped balance out the skin to enhance both the outfit and my eye color. Over all I like it, but it looked very different than the photo used on the Pinterest Pin. The reason was probably a result of poor lighting mixed with a crappy Iphone camera.


This filter was described as the best overall filter to use if you are doing a lifestyle theme. This means, the every day instagrammer, who has photos that range from landscapes to selfies with a few of their dog and maybe an artistic building. See the after below!

17098581_10104786462487760_148687918565214461_n Already I can tell I like this filter better than the last. It really balances out the hue while creating a really great contrast between the foreground and the background. Here is how we got here:

-On VSCO go to the HB2 and draw the marker all the way to +12

-go to exposure and set to +2 ( This brightens and whitens the image)

-go to contrast and set to +1 ( This allows the lines to slightly darken)

-go to Saturation set to +1 (enriches the colors)

-lastly go to tint and set to +3 ( brings out the natural roygbiv tones)

  • My Thoughts: Nice clean look. I would definitely recommend this filter for future photos and to create a nice crisp feed. It would look great with a slight thick white boarder. I recommend using the after effects app to create fun boarders.

THEME 3 Minimalist

Minimalist theme is great for those that want a clean look to their insta feed. Clean simple lines, white backgrounds with hints of color. Think of your feed as an art gallery wall and the photos you choose to take are the art placed upon it.

16938460_10104786462078580_5489835988174084864_n -start off on VSCO app and use the G3 filter with the marker pushed all the way to +12

-contrast +2

-Saturation -1

Temperature -1

Skin tone -3

This is the first theme to also adjust skin tone. Unfortunately the photo I used was out of focus but I believe if I would have used one in focus, the end result would have been even better. The colors and lines are crisp, the contrast between foreground and background helps give dimension and gee golly it made my eyes pop. The experiment is going to be using this theme for all the photos on the insta feed for the next two weeks. Stay tuned on Thrift Junkie Vintage Boutique instagram to catch the difference that the feed has gone through, experimenting with frames around the photos giving them a cleaner feed, experimenting with a the circle frame every third image and now adjusting the theme with a similar filter for every photo.


Part 2 of this article is going to be my thoughts after the two weeks of using a set filter. I also will be experimenting with another bloggers choice of editing using three different apps to achieve her final minimalist look.


Please stay tuned and swing on by the shop to check out some of the cutest vintage around!



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